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ENR Texas & Loisiana 2017

As a member of the design team it is great to see this project getting recognized in many areas of design.  Of course my participation was in the off-site design of the modern roundabout, although it is the first multilane roundabout in Frisco, TX.

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Scottsdale Mustang Library Roundabout

While working on the Scottdale Airpark Transit Center in 2010, I was asked to do a preliminary design for this location too.  While the roundabout design at the Airpark Transit Center was not possible, we were able to show it could work at this location.  It's good to see the City moved forward on the concept.

Burlingame, California

The image shown is one of two concepts that were considerd.  The project goes to construction in 2018 and will have a NB bypass lane instead of two lane approach.

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Yuma, AZ - Giss Parkway Interchange

It's exciting to see this proejct nearing completion.  It was many years in the making with several design concepts as part of the study.

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Yuma, AZ - Giss Parkway Interchange

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Yuma, AZ - Giss Parkway Interchange

Many years in the making.  I did several design concepts for this intersection as part of the team tasked with the feasibility study, including the renderings for public outreach and the one shown in the Press Release.

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George White teaches roundabout work shop in Dallas, TX

Texas Modern Roundabout Workshops

George White provides modern roundabout workshop and presentations in 

  • Allen, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Frisco, TX
  • Richardson, TX
  • Waco, TX

Waco, TX - Ritchie Road

Waco Tribune-Harold article on the construction of the Ritchie Road roundabout.

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Reno, NV - Geiger Grade and Veterans Parkway

This was my first NV roundabout project and was one of many designs I did for this area.